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Laminate Flooring New Technology

Columbia Flooring believes in being innovative, staying on the forefront of technology, and providing its customers with superior options for all their flooring needs. We believe you'll enjoy the benefits of UniClic®, Incizo®, and ScratchGuard® just as much as we do.


  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • Snap planks together using either an angled or sliding motion.
  • Guarantees no height differences between boards.
  • Can be walked on immediately after its installed.


With revolutionary Incizo® technology, one molding easily transforms into different applications simply by using the cutting tool.
  • Easy to install and you always have the correct piece
  • Less waste because you cut the profile to fit your specific needs
  • No inconvenient seams in comparison with competitors' existing multi-use profiles
  • Color and surface textures coordinate beautifully with our floor designs
  • Excellent wear and scratch-resistant surface
  • Water-resistant glued MDF support

ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection

Columbia Laminate Flooring offers Advanced Finish Protection* that:
  • Provides 4x more resistance to micro-abrasions than other leading laminate brands.
  • Creates a defense against routine dust and dirt, which can dull the surface finish over time.
  • Is perfect for high traffic area.

*Excludes Traditional Clicette

MAR (Micro Abrasion Resistance) Test: Measure of how well a product resists micro scratching across a broad area (as opposed to pinpoint scratching from a single sharp object). Better test results indicate better resistance to scuffs from moving furniture, foot traffic, rug slippage, etc.

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